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Bouncing Off ESO's Awful RPG Mechanics

Argh, I am wasting my time!  I just finished trying to get into Elder Scrolls Online, primarily because I felt like playing an MMORPG for the same old reasons and my top choices were basically this:
World of Warcraft - The game you should all be bored of by now.  Sure, it's still #1 in the West, but all it ever did was turn the theme park approach of MMORPGs into a science, and the fact it's so popular is why online virtual worlds have done little better than that.Final Fantasy XIV - A legitimate pretender to World of Warcraft's throne.  If you (somehow) still like theme park MMORPGs but you want a change, you might as well ditch your cowman and sign up for your chocobo license.Guild Wars 2 - This game's unconventional methods make it a nice respite from the traditional theme park approach.  Unfortunately, it still fails to not be a theme park.  Oh well, if you can't change your routine, you can at least try to look at it in a new way. Well, I have not played E…
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Making Procedural Generation Not Suck

"Procedural Generation" is becoming a bit of a dirty phrase in the modern gaming world.  Many players associate it as something leveraged only by hack developers to spam out boring, derivative content.  In order to find the solution, we must first understand the problem.

Greasing The Grind: Adding Lasting Appeal To Virtual World Sandboxes

Game design, being about entertainment, is not as much science as art.  We're coming up with interesting things that the human mind likes to chew on that "taste" good to it.  Different people find different things, "Fun," and a game designer is tasked with coming up with fun, appealing things.  As pertains to virtual world sandboxes, I identified three of them.

Challenge Appeal.

Dwarf Fortress and Fortresscraft Evolved have the same end game appeal preservation mechanic: wealth equals threat.  The more money your Dwarf Fortress is worth, the bigger the baddies who will come for you, including a bunch of snobby useless nobles who do nothing but push dwarves around and eat.  The more energy you make in Fortresscraft Evolved, the more and bigger bugs come to shut down your base.  Rimworld does something a little different based off of which AI Storyteller you choose, but it generally adds time to your wealth accumulation when deciding what kind of threats to throw a…

Virtually Recovered

This week, I sought the holy grail of missing virtual world game satisfaction by playing some of the closest pretenders to the empty throne!  Namely, Animal Crossing: New Leaf and some city-building mods for Minecraft.

More Is Lol

I was worried Mass Effect: Andromeda would not run particularly well on my five-year-old AMD FX-8120 processor, but the reality was that it was playable, just a bit choppy.  But why deal with chop when I can browse the Passmark CPU Single-threaded Performance Chart and see that I can more than double my performance by getting an Intel i7-7700K for just $350? 
...Plus a good quality overclock-capable motherboard.  And we're going to need some of that newfangled DDR4.  Oh, and lets not regret our choice of heat sink!  Overall, it ran closer to $900... but that's what credit is for!

Amidst being assaulted by impromptu child care responsibilities, I had a chance to give my new processor a spin and, frankly, I'm embarrassed.  If any game exists that requires more processor power, I feel I can blame the game and not the system.  The ones I own play remarkably well.  For that matter, Windows 10, Firefox, and Unity are actually running fast enough to keep up with me.  It's...…

Coasting Through Microcosms

Looking back over the last week, I've a bit of a mishmash of various little things that happened during my time off.  Such a blog entry is hardly worthy of the gaming public, but fortunately Google stats assure me that the gaming public generally doesn't come here very often anyway.  If lack of fame has any outstanding benefit, it's the boundless freedom of obscurity.  So let us precious few count the ways I have earned my lack of recognition this week.

Sunday, March 12th, 2017: After work, I restarted my little Unity project.  It is sorted in terms of maps that contains chunks of tiles.  I decided to make those elements a lot more visible in the Unity editor, tightening my dependence on it, because of two reasons: 1. They clearly know how to build a better engine than I do.  2. If I am going to put up with the added overhead of a professional grade tool such as Unity, I might as well take advantage of its robust editor.

Monday, March 13th, 2017: After work, played Streets O…

Doge Rogue, Done Enough

I budgeted 7 hours towards finishing my 7DRL, and it ended up closer to being 20, but that's okay, I got some good practice in.

Granted, this second and final day started off rather disappointing.
I wanted to have an idol retrieval leg of the quest, but the Rog Framework teleports were not allowing Doge to leave the boss level.  I also wanted to allow the player to restart the game upon beating it, but could not figure out a way to leave the scene, return to the scene, and reset the Rog Framework without breaking it. I do not think that any of these bugs were truly beyond my ability to resolve but, as the Rog Framework was not my own work, it might take me more time than I really had this weekend.  I consciously chose to pursue a more important priority: the point was to finish the game.

Once I accepted what I couldn't do, I was able to move on to the fun stuff I did not do yesterday.
I added the McGuffin to the final boss and made it transition to the end scene.  I added three…